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About Film & Animation / Hobbyist Reicheru Ketsuekineko-OniFemale/Japan Groups :icontrue-kawaii: True-Kawaii
kawaii isnt 1 persn its a nation
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Animated pictures
Reicheru 360 rotation :3 by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Commission: Life! by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Reicheru eating her mom animation by Reicheru-Ketsueki

ONE CHARACTER = $3 and ect

The first example above is not quite accurate: THERE WILL BE MORE DETAIL ON COMMISSIONS AND THEY WILL BE COLORED (ON REQUEST) WITH NO EXTRA PAYMENT. They will be more like the second image. you'll get your bang for your buck

WARNING: may take a day, may take a long ass time!
thanks for everyones patients!

Uber Colored Fancy Drawings
Hype by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni Yakuza outfit V2 by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Commission: Sheanna4! by Reicheru-Ketsueki

ONE CHARACTER = 50pts/$0.50 ect

I suppose this is more like you guys donating to me since im not quite good enough for true comissions...I will try to do my best like in the first pic! I'm saving up for something specific and I'm doing this to help me!!!!

WARNING: may take a day, may take a long ass time!
thanks for everyones patients!

Bust up!
Rei doodle~ by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Commission: Sam-Coates! by Reicheru-Ketsueki
20 points or $0.30 for a bust up! Will be more like the second example ^^

WARNING: may take a day, may take a long ass time!
thanks for everyones patients!


Stuff I favorite for whatever reason!


continuing to work on episode 11 slowly but surely! thank you for the support everyone! :) I hit 1,000 subscribers! I willd o something special soon!
working on commishs! I've got like 3 left now lol
working on ep 11 :3
i may spend a little less time on da, I'm feeling rather down~
I feel accomplished! :3 thinking of baking some cake
;-; stomach thank you. Thankfully rawing keeps my mind off the hurt.
Kitty Emoticon 
thank you to a certain someone, this account have been brought to my attention:

this Tumblr account

I would like everyone to know that this is not me! this is either a fan account or fake account that someone else made. But they are posing as me and acting like they are me.
this account doesnt seem too active so I guess it isn't too bad ^^;

if you are reading this, owner of that account, could you please write that you are not me on your page? thank you!!

these are my official accounts I have:

my quizilla account is gone!! quizilla is dead Sayu Crying Icon 
this Photobucket account
my youtube account
this Fanfiction account
my fanime website
my fanfiction website

any others are faked or I have forgotten about ^-^

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Reicheru-Ketsueki's Profile Picture
Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008
KONNICHIWA! My name is Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni!

Stamp- Anti-Hate stamps by rainbowmonkey9Proud Moe Stamp by flamie-chan MOE. v2 by AlchemyOtaku17 WMM 2.0 on Windows 7 by HIPandFAR-OUT
Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Love cats by Cathines-Stamps Yandere Stamp by susieboo22
GET THE NEW BRN FAN STAMP!!! -------> Blood Raining Night fan stamp!! by Reicheru-Ketsueki
others: sensei hanayubi!!! by Reicheru-Ketsueki Yuki stamp! ^w^ by Reicheru-Ketsueki
I know Japanese and I like to draw like the people on anime shows.
My favorite hobby is singing!!! I like to write fanfiction too! and to anyone that sys otherwise you can suck it!! xD
my best friend is :iconyukishinkuchi: Liah~chan!!!! or Yuki whatever u prefer ^w^
we've been together for a long time and i'll neber meet anyone as wonderful as you! i love you!
someday I want to draw very well and make my own manga if I can. right now i make animations (im the creater of Blood Raining Night on youtube!!)

Reicheru: I'm part vampire, neko, hunter and demon. I can do sorcery and i work for the Yakuza because I must kill people to satisfy my own needs and ot protect the world.
A lot of my friends really love me and I love them. i would die for them!! I have special powers like being able to read peoples mind and fight really well (when I'm not hurt) sometimes I can seduce people and then kill them. i can transform into a cat-demon (not by choice)

my favoirte thing to do is shing and love <3 Denny-kun (from Hetalia) is my love.
(this is all my charaters info) Reichery loves to write. I love to write too! i love to sing. I love to draw.
so Don't mess with me unless you're ready for a fight :/ kthnxbai
i write poems and make TONS of pictures. So if you're looking for something you'll find it here!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask :)
I don't bite ;o
OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Hiding Stamp by TheLonelyQueen Mary-Sue by Ishdakitty
Music Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia OC's are the best by birdewilliams Korra Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02 APH: I love Denmark Stamp by Chibikaede

Look for Blood Raining Night on youtube!!!! its a little different from the fanfiction but most things are the same :)

Here's my fanfiction ^^ pretty much the same stuff as on here.…

Nya~! Nya~!


Reicheru-Ketsueki has started a donation pool!
396 / 2,500
I would love to have a premium membership so I can use all DA can give me to better myself and expand my artwork! I can use points for commissions too to use for future projects. But so far I haven't found the need to commission any1 yet.

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Ichi-E-Okami Featured By Owner 7 minutes ago  New Deviant Professional General Artist
Konichiwa! its so cool to see another awesome Japanese artist, like me, and my bff! I really hope we can talk, and become friends ^-^
an-impossible-thing Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I drew Reicheru (again, I really like drawing her) an-impossible-thing.deviantart…

looking forward to ep 11!
The-Dorito-Butler Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
This is rare for me, but I see that you're extremely nice in regards to responses you've given to other people, so when I say this, I'm gonna try and put myself in your shoes and everyone else's shoes and try to be as nice as possible, it's not my key element but when someone isn't being an asshole I don't feel they deserve to have me being an asshole to them. I actually commend you for being kind to people who comment and how you remain patient. It shows quite a strong woman, because usually when other people get criticised they throw a childish hissy fit, bitching and whining in journals and making pictures for the 'haters.' Good on you when it comes to your attitude.

Hey um, I think the reason
why people are referring to your character as a Mary-Sue is because she doesn't seem to have much of a unique personality. I've watched all of the episodes and there's not really much about her that stands out to the audience. Her personality seems to fluctuate to different sides in a very dull manner. Throughout the episodes I've noticed that at times her personality changes from sadistic, to cute and kind, to flirty, to shy, and then sadistic again. You need to have a key element in a character's personality that makes her feel real to the audience. She seems way too perfect and that's what creates a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is a character that is too perfect for her own good and doesn't have a focused personality. I understand that you're trying to make her an adorable and likeable character, us animators always intend to do that, but in order to do that you need to keep her balanced. You need to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses that makes a character a character. You can't be a mix of every personality, it just doesn't work. What I usually do is if I'm using self inserts, I take one part of my personality and exaggerate that one part of me into one of my characters, and another side of me into another character and so on. That is what usually helps to create an interesting team as well.

Second of all, she seems way too powerful. She's a demon, a neko, a hunter and a vampire that can do sorcery. No offence, but this goes way over the top for a single character. Even Harry Potter was limited in his spells when he was a wizard at Hogwarts. It's best to just keep a few powers that allow her to remain stable, but also keep her limited. If you keep her too powerful with no chance of being hurt, then it's just going to irritate people as a realistic character needs flaws just like everyone else. I'm pretty sure that Gods and Demons have their own flaws like people too. I can take Bill Cipher for example, he tends to get distracted easily in interactions with others, allows people to get away too easily, is way too confident in his abilities, and is sometimes laid back to the point of losing track of what he's doing. I'm sure I can take plenty of other demons from not just cartoons, but anime as well. Sebastian Michaelis, he can be extremely laidback, has an overwhelming obsession with cats, he can be extremely cold towards others feelings and only shows empathy for ones he can get a reward out of, in other words he can be selfish at times and allows his hunger to get the better of him, and can be very strict when he wants to be. I've also noticed that she only gets harmed a little compared to how she harms others. How can she be pulling off someone's head in one episode, but in the next she's too weak to defend herself against a guy so she gets saved? If she had that amount of power I'm sure she would be able to kick anyone's ass, meaning she is extremely overpowered, which is also a symptom of Mary-sueish tendencies. It's best to tone her down a little to make her a more likeable character. A Mary Sue can be quite bland if presented this way so they either stick as an annoyance or are easily forgotten.

Most people like the teacher because he actually has a likeable realistic personality, he also has a realistic past, and that's why most people remember him. He appears gentle, he's patient, has a thing for adorable appearances, and cares deeply about his students. I've also noticed realistic flaws, such as being really emotional, unaware that he goes over the top with how he responds or what he does to other people,
Sometimes he gets carried away. That's a realistic character and that's why most people favour him.

As for your drawings, I can see improvement with anatomy and animation within each episode, which is a good thing. Episode 10 has much more fluid animation and anatomy than episode 1, the only thing I can't stop correcting is her boobs. I'm no slut shamer, but characters with a larger body build usually have bigger breasts, skinny girls are usually flat chested depending on how thin they are, if they have a bit of weight then they would have smaller breasts. As I've said it depends on your weight and waist. With breasts that big and a waist so thin, she would be falling over and walking on all fours, unable to hold in all of her organs. Were you trying to give fanservice or something? At times you
make it seem that she's only there to show her breasts and nudity to the public, and there's not any reason for it.

Before anyone makes the Elfen Lied excuse, Lucy was nude because of her cruel animal-like treatment in the facility, and in the opening she is also nude to symbolise exposure or being stripped of emotion. Since the anime is anti-prejudice focused, she appears naked to show symbolistic values on how a person feels when they've been in pain all their life. Lucy probably felt cold and vulnerable, which is what nudity tends to symbolise if no sexual themes are used.

What I also have a problem with is how she gets hardly any consequence for her actions. Cheating on her boyfriend would have probably gotten a real boyfriend to shout and yell in anger, questioning her disloyalty in a more depressive state, maybe him even breaking up with her, but the only thing I had seen was him questioning why she did it and then telling her not to hurt herself, there were no real emotions shown, and cheating is a serious consequence to a relationship. If she was doing this, it appears to
make her like a slut, and I'm using these words with the proper definition. I've also noticed in her powers that she can 'seduce anyone and kill them.' I'm pretty much sure that speaks for itself.

I've pretty much explained in a small summary on why your character appears Mary-Sueish to others, to become a good animator you need to have characters that have realistic personalities and responses, that's what makes people love them to begin with. I hope you take these thoughts into consideration and have a good day.
RadMonsters Featured By Owner 6 days ago
hi Reicheru >w< i really like your stuff !! hehe
TantibusSonus Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Wait... Is Reichuru still with Denmark? I cant really tell towards the end of the series. ^.^
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
yes but at the current chapter (30) they are having problems even though they are engaged <(=^-^=)> the secret will be revealed...son!
OtakuWithWiFi Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Reicheru are you still accepting commissions using deviantArt points? or is it all actual money now. Obviously I know you're still busy working on other commissions, but i'd like to know!
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
nope still points! :) thank you for asking!
AsheLeKat Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
well I mean, there not lying, she is a mary sue, yaknow..
4everAnimefan Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
I know.
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
lol yea that's okay ^^; it happens
4everAnimefan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015
Oh! You already knew? Okay.
SonicXKimmy172 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  New Deviant Professional Filmographer
Hey i really love youre stuff!
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
thank you!!! :meow:
SonicXKimmy172 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  New Deviant Professional Filmographer
Your welcome!
DatNekoAshe Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you livestream? :3
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
lol no at the moment but I'm not sure what I would livestream anyway ^^;
jenlikesloki Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey rei~sama,i wandering should i make a sound track for elaine's story? 
Reicheru-Ketsueki Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
that sounds really cool! what would you make the soundtrack with? original music or just a list of already made music?
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