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About Film & Animation / Hobbyist Reicheru Ketsuekineko-OniFemale/Japan Groups :icontrue-kawaii: True-Kawaii
kawaii isnt 1 persn its a nation
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Stuff I favorite for whatever reason!


:slipperyhug:  konnichiwa minna se merry christmas!!
it's been a while since you guys have heard from me ^^; i hope everybody is doing okay.

this year has been very slow with progress and very up and down... but hopefully the new year will have a lot of wonderful stuff in store for us! :aww:

Happy holidays everybody :heart: :heart: :heart:

 Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green  GIFTS! Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green 

i'll do something similar to this year like last year!!

1. Chibi Christmas battle!!!! I'll draw a scene with your character in it
2. receive 5 Points
3. A special christmas card from me :)

IF YOU WANT #1! Put "1." at the start of your post.
IF YOU WANT #2! Put "2." at the start of your post.
IF YOU WANT #3! Put "3." at the start of your post.

you can only get one lol :giggle:

every1 who is right before 11am tomorrow will get the gift they asked for!!! (eventually lol)

thank you for the support everyone, I hope everybody has a wonderful christmas and a bright new year!

To all my friends and fans
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Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008
KONNICHIWA! My name is Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni!

Stamp- Anti-Hate stamps by rainbowmonkey9 Proud Moe Stamp by flamie-chan MOE. v2 by AlchemyOtaku17 WMM 2.0 on Windows 7 by HIPandFAR-OUT
Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Love cats by Cathines-Stamps Yandere Stamp by susieboo22
GET THE NEW BRN FAN STAMP!!! -------> Blood Raining Night fan stamp!! by Reicheru-Ketsueki
others: sensei hanayubi!!! by Reicheru-Ketsueki Yuki stamp! ^w^ by Reicheru-Ketsueki
I know Japanese and I like to draw like the people on anime shows.
My favorite hobby is singing!!! I like to write fanfiction too! and to anyone that sys otherwise you can suck it!! xD
my best friend is :iconyukishinkuchi: Liah~chan!!!! or Yuki whatever u prefer ^w^
we've been together for a long time and i'll neber meet anyone as wonderful as you! i love you!
someday I want to draw very well and make my own manga if I can. right now i make animations (im the creater of Blood Raining Night on youtube!!)

Reicheru: I'm part vampire, neko, hunter and demon. I can do sorcery and i work for the Yakuza because I must kill people to satisfy my own needs and ot protect the world.
A lot of my friends really love me and I love them. i would die for them!! I have special powers like being able to read peoples mind and fight really well (when I'm not hurt) sometimes I can seduce people and then kill them. i can transform into a cat-demon (not by choice)

my favoirte thing to do is shing and love <3 Denny-kun (from Hetalia) is my love.
(this is all my charaters info) Reichery loves to write. I love to write too! i love to sing. I love to draw.
so Don't mess with me unless you're ready for a fight :/ kthnxbai
i write poems and make TONS of pictures. So if you're looking for something you'll find it here!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask :)
I don't bite ;o
OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Mary-Sue by Ishdakitty
Music Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia OC's are the best by birdewilliams Korra Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02 APH: I love Denmark Stamp by Chibikaede
Reicheru X Lucy Stamp by PeppermintLoser

Look for Blood Raining Night on youtube!!!! its a little different from the fanfiction but most things are the same :)

Here's my fanfiction ^^ pretty much the same stuff as on here.…

Nya~! Nya~!


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I would love to have a premium membership so I can use all DA can give me to better myself and expand my artwork! I can use points for commissions too to use for future projects. But so far I haven't found the need to commission any1 yet.

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I think she's taking a break and/or drawing something really good 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, Reicheru!
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Pffft I had a dream that you came back, and I was so upset to learn that it wasn't true after I woke up. Anyway, happy birthday! Assuming this is your real birthday, I mean. Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
Promptus Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
:0) happy bithday and please come back soon. I love Blood Raining Night despite it being what it is. I still love it <3
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where did you go, senpai?
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do u like homestuck?
EvilFirTree Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
   Dear DeviantArt users, nekomimis, ponies, furries, fans of this beautiful soul, great artist and just a pretty girl I have always secretly wanted to make love with (meaning both physical and metaphysical love),
I am here to once and forever set it in stone, so that no one will ever agin argue over this hurtful topic: Reicheru is dead. She fought the disease bravely, but the disease turned out to be way too strong... even for our dearest mommy Rei.
Remember, people, that those stating the opposite are either in denial, or simply lying to you – to every one of us. Spitting into the face of Reicheru, paled with the Death, that is!
Oh, may the Good God curse those attempting to give us pointless hopes for Rei's returning... oh, may the Kind Good bring plague upon those who will argue with me over this point! I invoke the ancient powers, the powers I have drained from the books of Solomon, to crush the liars, as they are enemies to the one who has dragged my spirit along with her own to the soil of American earth... Oh, Reicheru, the brightest star of a distant land's skyscape, I can feel your last breath travel all across the Atlantic only to find me! To find me here, out in the moorlands, sacrificing a black roster to my one and only model, to my single muse... Only to reach out for my face in a gentle touch. Only to... to mark me as your prophet, kind Reicheru, only to bring this burden upon me: the burden of truth.
Reischeru is dead. Reicheru... is... dead... the disease was too strong. We could have helped her, guys. Reicheru is... dead. We could have... in her drawings... we could have... noticed. Something.
So much pain.
Drape (DracoXSnape) by Reicheru-Ketsueki
Mommy Rei needed us, guys... she asked for help... repeatedly and desperately. But... cruel is the world, and as foolish are its inhabitants. We..never,,,,,,...noticed;_;she needed help.
MikoNekoCream435 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this true that she died because of a disease?
ShyLeviathan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it's not true. She is alive and well. 
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Life has gaven up on us
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hope that life is treating you well, reicheru
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Hey dude, I've been practicing Reicheru and Yuki voice impressions recently
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